We are heading into the third episode of Gogglebox Ireland this week, but there are still new households to meet, as the show introduces us to best friends John and Dave. John's ideal night in is watching Graham Norton, which he has even appeared on in the Red Chair, while Dave would be more into a Louis Theroux doc. They meet somewhere in the middle with The Fall, apparently, and enjoy communicating with each other through Gillian Anderson gifs. They sound like good craic anyways!

Tonight's Gogglebox will see the viewers giving their opinion on last week's Late Late Show, Animal Babies, Living with Lucy, Sir Terry Wogan Remembered, Sky News, RTE News: All Ireland, 1000 Heartbeats and Find Me A Home. There's also rumours that Marty Morrissey might be making a hat-trick appearance on the show, but sure we won't get your hopes up there.