Golden Globe-winning Glee continues (much to ours) with this fourth episode, entitled 'Preggers.' Kurt has a trial for the football team in a bid to impress his macho dad; Terri confesses to her sister that she lied about her pregnancy; Rachel is gutted that Will has given Tina a solo to perform (quick, someone throw a slushie in her face!); Quinn confuses Finn when she tells him that she's pregnant and the baby is his; and Sandy and Sue try to destroy the Glee Club (part III) by poaching their star for a school production. Following at 10.00pm is this week's edition of Midweek asks the question, 'Have you ever been scammed in Ireland?' *guffaws uncontrollably...* Ahhhhhh, anyway, Colette examines the country's latest cons, and how people can prevent themselves from becoming victims.