If you're a Glee fan, you might like to see them prancing around to their own renditions of Christmas songs for an hour. As we've been given little additional information regarding the special festive episode, we can only assume there'll be snide quips from Sue Sylvester, Will Schuster banging on about either Regionals or Sectionals, and Lea Michele's massive mouth crowing a load of modified hymns with a of sleigh bell backing track. Corrie fans who missed Corrie's Big 50 last week on UTV, there's another chance to see it here on TV3 at 9.30pm. Three teams of stars past and present compete with a fourth team of celebrity fans in a light-hearted quiz to mark the anniversary of the soap, revisiting memorable scenes, characters and events from the show. Host Paul O'Grady also serves up musical performances with a Weatherfield twist and a feast of birthday surprises.