Devised, written and performed by all three cast members and directed by Peter Capaldi, Getting On is a bleakly hilarious, honest and quietly compassionate story of a typical ward that nobody wants to end up on. Some time has passed since viewers last visited B4. Nurse Kim Wilde is ploughing through her training modules, a consequence of the incident with Matron Hilary Loftus, while other unresolved conflicts simmer. Sister Den Flixter is juggling her off-on relationship with Hilary, Doctor Pippa Moore has to compete for her own job, with re-structuring on the agenda, and the prospect of a brand-new wing is dangled in front of the staff as the builders move in. In tonight's opening episode, there's more grim humour among the bedpans as a new shift unfolds on B4. Kim has an unknown female admission to occupy her, Den has Hilary to cope with, and Pippa has a ward round.