Gaybo Laughs Back is a new six part series that features some of the biggest names in Irish and international comedy. From legends of laughter like Billy Connolly, Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan to home grown greats like Tommy Tiernan Indeed, they allowed him on this montage), Niall Tobin, Dylan Moran and Graham Norton through to classic moments from the likes of Emu, Dustin The Turkey and THAT Boyzone clip in its full uncut glory. Just for the handful of souls that haven't seen it. Always a huge part of The Late Late these comedy gems also prove Gay's long held theory that you never can tell where the laughs will come from. Along with the giants of comedy we're joined by Charlie Bird, Jimmy Magee and a step dancing legend that might just be the highlight of the entire series. Episode one features Billy Connolly, Spike Milligan, Brendan O'Carroll, Niall Toibin and many more.