An Irishman in 19th-century New York is taken under the wing of the ruthless gang leader who killed his father 15 years before, and rises up the ranks of power - all the while plotting his revenge. Meanwhile, the tension caused by the enforced drafting of the population into the army to fight in the Civil War explodes into bloodshed and riots. With The Departed having been on just last night, this is a chance to see how Scorsese found his new muse in Leonardo DiCaprio. Sure, the film isn't exactly fantastic (Cameron Diaz's Oirsh accent, DiCaprio's eclectic concoction of numerous dialects), but this is worth watching for the pure scope and passion on show, whilst Daniel Day Lewis is absolutely fantastic as Bill "The Butcher" Cutting. His speech on how England spawned Ireland is a classic. If you fancy a laugh afterwards, Entourage starts at the ridiculously late time of 12.10am on RTE 2.