In what is set to be the 'best finale yet' according to the showrunners, season four will come to an end tonight in what's set to be one hell of an episode. (Or seven hells?) Usually the hard part is over by now, as in previous seasons the finale has generally just been a winding down to whatever trauma we were put through in the penultimate episode, but that is set to change this season.The episode is set to be the longest yet too at 66 minutes and will check in on all the major characters as opposed to this week's episode which just focused on Castle Black (but what an episode! 'You know nuthing, Jon Snaaaaw' Argh the emotion of it all). So what can we expect from this finale? Will Jon Snow get to Mance Rayder? Will those kids ever find whatever the hell it is they are looking for beyond the wall? And for the love of God, please don't let this be the end of the road for Tyrion. We stand by that meme going around; If he dies, we riot.