Have we all recovered from the sheer horror of last week's Game of Thones yet? We may... one day. Either way, we need another episode to just try and forget about it. Although, it looks like things aren't about to get any easier for Sansa, isn't it time she lit that candle for those friends in the North already? We're back at The Wall again this week too, where Jon Snow is setting off to talk to the Free Folk, while Stannis and the gang are still en-route to Winterfell. Could they not hurry it up a bit? Someone needs to wipe that smirk of Roose Bolton's face already. Oh and things aren't looking too good for Queen Margaery over in King's Landing either, which Cersei is only delighted about. Surely, the indomitable Olenna Tyrell will find a way to get them out of this pickle?