We are now approaching episode 8 out of 10 of this current season of Game of Thrones, which fans will know is just one before the infamous ninth episode, which is notoriously when sh*t goes down in the Seven Kingdoms. It seems likely it is building to this 'big battle in the snow' that the Red Lady has predicted, as it seems that all the pieces are coming together for it. This next episode looks like it will focus in a lot on Jon Snow's peacekeeping mission to get the Wildlings on board to head on over to t'other side of wall. Be grand, he says, although think he will have a tough time getting his point across. We also see that Cersei is looking as bad as Margaery did last week, as she too has been locked in a cell because of all her sins and whatnot... wait until they hear about her twin, wha'? Sansa then is still holding strong out in the house of horrors that is Winterfell, while Tyrion and Lord Friendzone must plead for their lives with Daenarys. So it's all go.