Have we all recovered from last week's episode yet? The words 'Hold the Door' will never have the same meaning again. *Sob*. Dammit Bran! Speaking of, what will happen to Bran and Meera now that they're out on their own beyond the wall with no Hodor for Bran to warg into anymore? It's not like there are any wildlings hanging around there to help them... dare we hope they may run into the long lost Benjen Stark? That would be amazing but just wishful thinking I'm afraid.

In the summary of tonight's episode, we're told that "an old foe returns to the great game", who exactly that is, we do not know as of yet. Over in Braavos, Arya is faced with a difficult decision, and elsewhere, Gilly is given a chance to discover whether Lord Randyll Tarly lives up to his formidable reputation as she meets Sam's family. While in King's Landing, Jaime puts himself at odds with the Faith Militant as he faces off with High Sparrow.