Final episode in this series tonight which has seen former All-Ireland winning Kerry captain Dara Ó Cinnéide head to America to discover the roots of the GAA stateside. Tonight Dara looks at the common practice that existed in the USA from the 1960s of bringing over Irish players to compete in games due to the lack of actual Irish immigrants playing. Dara himself was one of thousands of Irish players who played illegally in America, and after playing the New York football final of 1996, he recalls how he and others were subsequently banned. This has been cracked down upon greatly since the late nineties, and while players are still brought over for a short term basis, Dara finds that there is a growing sense that the money would be better spent on the development and training of American-born children. This, he discovers, is where the real future of the GAA in America lies. And on the evidence he finds, the future looks bright.