If you're not the sort to be sucked blissfully in by the likes of Greys Anatomy (9pm, RTE2: Thatcher Grey returns to the hospital with liver failure, and with no donor forthcoming, it is left up to his daughter Meredith to volunteer her own body to save her father's life), Desperate Housewives (9.55pm, RTE2: Katherine begins to unravel, confiding in Bree about the toll losing Mike has taken on her, and Gabrielle grows weary of John's intentions toward her niece Ana) or Smokin' Aces (9pm, TV3: Comedy crime drama, starring Jeremy Piven, Ben Affleck, Zach Cumer, Andy Garcia and Ray Liotta ), the misadventures of Private Pile might be more to your taste. A platoon of raw Marine recruits is followed from gruelling basic training under the command of a domineering drill sergeant, to its first clash with enemy forces in the Vietnam War during a decisive battle in 1968. Stanley Kubrick's drama, starring Matthew Modine, Adam Baldwin, Vincent D'Onofrio and R Lee Ermey.