In his own distinctive way, Stephen Fry comes to understand how we learn it, write it, sometimes lose it and why it defines us to our very core. In this first episode he seeks to uncover the origins of human language and how and why humans are so advanced in their levels of communication. Talking to psycholinguist Steven Pinker, neuroscientist Cathy Price, evolutionary anthropologist Michael Tomasello and geneticist Wolfgang Enard (currently working on FOXP2, the so-called language gene), Stephen maps out the current state of research and what it is that physically and cognitively differentiates us from the rest of creation. Delving through the history of feral children, sign languages and watching how a child learns to speak over nine months, Stephen begins to see how language itself is constructed, revelling in its majesty. In this first episode, Fry partakes in a Klingon version of Hamlet.