George "Nespresso" Clooney stars as a trigger-happy crook, who, along with his unhinged brother (Quentin Tarantino), takes a preacher's family hostage and crosses the border into Mexico. The two pitch up at a rough strip joint to make a planned rendezvous with a third party, but they soon have to live on their wits when they realise that the establishment's staff are vampires. With a screenplay by Tarantino, expect plenty of indecent violence, vulgarity, and sex in Robert Rodriguez' slick horror, which blends the rich tradition of the gangster genre with some freaky bloodsuckers. Also starring Harvey Keitel, Juliette Lewis and Salma Hayek. If you prefer the more ridiculous side of horror, there's another chance to see Charlie Brooker's Dead Set at 10.00pm. If you've already forgotten, that's the one with zombie Davina in the Big Bruvva House.