'Oh my God, like, we're totally in the green room with that old lady from Sex and the City, Edward.' 'I know John, it's so cool, even if she is old.' 'I know, cool. It's a bit of a tight squeeze though coz we've also got some Editors and Misfits in here, like, also.' 'But they don't look like editors, John, none of them have glasses or anything, but they do look cool'.' Yeah, cool, maybe they're going to sing or something. I hope Jonathon doesn't ask us to sing...''Noooo, we'll just stand on our heads until we pass out, it'll be cool.' 'OK, kewl.' To clarify: Jonathan is tonight joined by Sex and the City siren Kim Cattrall, indie rock giants Editors, the cast of Misfits, and X Factor twins... Jedward.