What in the name of Jaysis is all this about? Does Vincent not get enough TV time during the week? Must he also get on down, all chatty like, with Irish 'celebrities' at 11.30pm on a Friday night too? To put it another way, does 'Ireland's Jeremy Paxman' really need to burble to the likes of Linda Martin, the lady Dragon of Dragon's Den, and Jedward?! Although, I must say I did enjoy the looks on Ray D'Arcy and Browne's face when John of Jedward insisted on busting out the splits on the coffee table... To quote the press release: ' Vincent Browne takes his tie off and lets his hair down for a more relaxed review of the week that promises lively debate and entertaining backchat.' Yes, but does he enjoy it? It certainly doesn't look like it. No idea who's due to be on this week, probably Johnny Logan, the twins off Bewitched, Bobby Kerr and Tom Dunne.