This is a very funny series that stars the very talented and hugely underrated Sharon Horgan, and the hilarious Stephen Magan, as a neurotic twosome who work at a talent firm in London. For those that haven't been following the series so far (for shame), Alex (Magan) is a sensitive sort who is trying desperately to get over the end of his marriage; while Helen (Horgan) is still grieving from the death of her spouse. It doesn't sound funny, but it genuinely is. Tonight, Alex arranges a surprise party for Helen's birthday. To try and keep her out of the flat whilst he organises everything, he sets Helen up with ‘Dr Two-Scenes’; an actor who only ever gets two scenes in Holby City. Things go a bit tits-up, when Helen's sister-in-law decks Alex, causing a massive fracas at the party. We once again must take our hats off to Channel Four. After the excellent Plus One, they've managed to back another winner. Horgan needs to be cast in a cinematic outing now - her timing in this, and Pulling, is excellent.