We all know that parents shape their children's lives, but how much do children shape their parents? In this Cutting Edge documentary, the Tibbetts and the Cafearos - one family with four daughters, the other with four sons - agree, for our viewing pleasure, to swap kids for a long weekend to find out. What's it like being a 'minority parent' in your own home: a mother surrounded by men or a father in a house of women? Mariann and Jon Tibbett have four daughters, aged from eight to 14 years old, while Karen and Steve Cafearo have four boys, aged from nine to 17. Both couples think they got the better deal, even if it means the girls' dad, Jon, is regularly plastered with nail varnish and admits he spends too much time at work. Meanwhile, boys' mum Karen loses her sons to football at the bottom of the garden and doesn't even have a dressing table to call her own. The weekend gives both sets of parents the chance to get a glimpse of how their lives could have been and ask some tough questions about areas of their family lives that they may have chosen to ignore.