Good programme, shame about the Channel 4 inspired title. BBC Headroom's campaign tackling the psychological issues surrounding conditions such as anorexia, bulimia and obesity continues on screen with the story of one woman's attempt to get to the root of her dysfunctional relationship with food, in Fix My Fat Head. Thirty-six-year-old Hannah is a journalist with a razor-sharp wit and a lifelong problem: at 21-stone, she is clinically obese and has tried everything to lose weight. But nothing ever works and Hannah invariably ends up diving headfirst into a vat of carbohydrates and putting on more weight than she lost in the first place. Hannah takes an honest look at her relationship with food as she considers whether her overeating stems from psychological and emotional issues. Exploring hypnotism, overeaters support groups and cognitive-behavioural therapy, Fix My Fat Head is one woman's attempt to finally understand the underlying causes of her condition.