Lucy's Beale's murder was the talk of the town there a couple weeks ago as it's set to be the biggest (and most drawn out) whodunnit on the soap yet. Now that we know it's going to take until February 2015 to find out who the actual culprit is, we're starting to lose interest a bit.

However, things are set to juice up shortly as the first arrest of the case is made, want to know who it is? Well needless to say, spoiler alert, but it's Jake! He was suspect numero uno on our list though, so really no surprise there. He is arrested after a statement from Lauren, which we are thinking may have something to do with this email lark she is investigating this week.

Do we think Jake did it though? Nah, we're nowhere even close to finding out. It is getting a little annoying how obvious a suspect they are trying to make of Jake though, so at least that will be done with.

You know at this stage, I don't even care who did it, couldn't give a flying... damn it WHO IS IT?! Do YOU know?!