Really, it should be titled Famous(ish), Rich(ish) and (not really) Homeless. Former tennis star Annabel Croft, presenter Hardeep Singh Kohli, journalist Rosie Boycott (who's currently doing the BBC reality circuit; she was only on Celebrity Masterchef), ex-Corrie actor Bruce 'Les Battersby' Jones and the Marquess of Blandford join forces with John Bird, Editor-in-Chief of the Big Issue, to highlight the everyday struggles faced by the homeless today. All five have earned success, recognition and, in some cases, notoriety *waves at Bruce* in their chosen fields but, with everything they value stripped away and just a sleeping bag as a symbol of their new life, how will they adjust to being invisible, vulnerable and desperate person in London today? The "celebrities" embark on a 10-day experiment in which they leave behind their creature comforts to gain a better understanding of life on the streets. Concludes tomorrow.