Oh you are very lucky tonight with an hour long episode for your viewing pleasure, woopty do! There's a lot get through, so let's keep it brief. First off, Annette is found at a hotel by Barry. As he tries to convince her that he loves her and wants to help her, it's thrown back in his face. She ends up back in McCoy's but Barry is less then forgiving. McAleer then gets a call from the hotel that she is staying in, it turns out she got so drunk she passed out and needs to go to hospital. Paddy's Day, as per usual with the Irish, includes many people getting a little intoxicated. First off Dean and Kylie go on a pub crawl, however he ends up getting sick all over Tracey. The young teenagers, namely Doug and Adam, manage to get their hands on some drink from the back of McCoy's. Him and his friends head for a spot of knacker drinking, but it doesn't end very well, with one teen being rescued by Leo. Finally Jo and Heather get drunk also, which will be very funny to watch.