Finally we might see an end to this storyline. Heather is furious with her husband when he tries to convince her that telling the truth to the Gardai is the right thing to do, but being a selfish cow, she doesn't want him to as she will be blamed, and of course jailed should the whole incest thing come up. Orla vows to see if her new roommate, Robert, is gay for Cleo. Now apparently having opera CD's and cookbooks make you gay these days, and Orla tells Cleo of her findings. Cass is taking the absolute piss tonight. He finds his tyres slashed and fakes a shocked and upset reaction (he did it himself you see). As Niamh feels sympathy for him, she offers him a bed, but he heads to the homeless shelter, where Malachy refuses to give him a bed because, well, he's not really homeless.