Dermott is in a tizzy tonight when he tries to stall a delivery of computers to the community centre since he has no money to pay for them. As he tells Barry about what happened, he advises his friend to tell the board. However, Dermott ends up transferring the money from his own account to pay. Needless to say, he keeps this from Jo. To cover the fact that he now has no money, he appeals to his wife's charitable side and convinces her to donate the Disneyland holiday money to those who deserve it more. Leo apologises to Niamh for the way he treated her when they went out. When she finds out that these words are because Paul had a word with him, she goes home and has a huge row with her husband of his jealousy issue. Dolores gets a call from Lara to say that she had the baby, but wouldn't tell her where she is.