The news of Orla's dinner date with McAleer becomes public knowledge. Keith has a go at Orla and then at the business tycoon, only to be met by creepy comments about the PR burds virtue, seriously she doesn't have any. Later that day, McAleer offers Oral some money to help with her rent problem and as down payment for future work, and I'm sure that's all he wants the duurrty owl fella. She is embarrassed to say the least but thankful that it gets her out of a sticky situation (no pun intended). Baby Jane is winning a few hearts over, as there could be an impending custody battle between Malachy and Eileen. But Zumo, whom I am thinking is the father, tells the doctors at the hospital that he fed the child cow's milk instead of formula. Thick idiot. Dermot is becoming increasingly agitated over the bartering scheme at the community centre.