Everyone is gearing up for the Bealtaine Festival in Carraigstown. Jo suggests to Leo that he should play his guitar while Rachel tells Leo and Cass that they should form a band for the celebrations. Lately Charlie has been questioning if he and Esther have a future together and when Esther teases the old man this evening, he gets upset. It's not until later, when Cass tells the Slim Star business woman that her words are upsetting her lover, that she declares her love for him (that being Charlie, not Cass) and he does the same. Their relationship is sealed with a kiss. However, one couple don't seem to be out of the woods just yet, and that is Orla and Keith. She tells him about her job offer and tells him that if he really does love her, he'll move to Dubai with her. Should we tell her that the same move didn't work for Una? Remember she offered him the chance to move to Seirra Leone?