Aw looks like this romance between Judith and Bob is getting along nicely, but oh no, look who is lurking in the background there, it's crazy Tommy! Well, he's not crazy yet, but his obsession with Judith may lead him down a dark road if he doesn't start building a bridge and getting the hell over it soon. Jo lets slip about the pair to him tonight, and safe to say he doesn't take it well, although he pretends to Judith that he is fine about it. It's actually Leo who ends up getting the brunt of it with Tommy, when he goes at him over Luke's death as the fire court case looms ahead. Also tonight, Niamh decides a meeting with Amanda's parents would be a good idea to find out what could be happening with Rachel, but Amanda finds out and goes home with Rachel to show they are just friends working on an assignment together. My God, that girl knows no bounds.