The dark side of Tommy Dillon is going to come out in full force this next week or two, not that we haven't seen enough of it already. With Bob away tonight, Judith asks Tommy over to keep her company, as she's clearly terrified with all this stalking business (inflicted upon her BY Tommy, in case you're not up to date). However, being his usual delusional self, he decides this would be a good time to make a move on his ex-wife. Judith of course is having none of it, and tells him in no uncertain terms that (in the words of Taylor Swift) they are never, ever, EVER getting back together. Which isn't enough for Tommy to give up as his obsession turns more sinister with this rejection. Elsewhere, Wayne and Orla return home as the baby is out of danger, and Wayne is now all hands on deck helping Orla. About time! Also tonight, looks like that Mondo fella still has his eye on Ibiza, but where will that leave Kerri-Ann? As ditzy as she is bless her, she doesn't deserve that.