Last we saw of Carrigstown, Dolores had just realised that Wayne could not be the biological father to Lil' Wayne, so what will she do with this information? Well of course first off tonight, she tells Wayne, believing him to be in the dark about it. Wayne in fairness comes clean though and tells her that he knew all along but pretends not to know who the father is. Dolores is ragin' over the whole thing but Wayne makes it clear that she must decide if she wants to be part of the child's life or not. Fair play to him, maybe fatherhood is actually making him grow up a bit, or grow a pair anyways. Elsewhere, this Eoghan/Dan feud continues (yawwwwn), one's threatening to sue the other, it's all a bit of a mess really. Those O'Briens should just go back to where they came from, although they can leave Michael... we'll keep him.