Yvonne is still getting the blame for ratting Eoghan out to the social welfare office but she insists she didn't do it. To be honest, we really thought she did too but her name is cleared tonight as Johnny comes clean saying it was him, as he was annoyed Eoghan was slagging him off about living with his ma. So basically, with Eoghan not working nor getting any welfare, the family are pretty much up sh*t creek, however an unexpected person sees this and lends a helping hand tonight. Elsewhere, Orla is still feeling sidelined by Dolores who is taking great care of the baby altogether, although Orla would rather she back off a bit. One extreme to the other with that lot, isn't it? Elsewhere, Louise begins to reconsider Decco after hearing some positive things about him. He's punching way about his weight there but there is a spark between them!