Michael has had enough of his heartache already and decides if he can't be Niamh's toyboy then he wants nowt to do with Carrigstown. Niamh of course gets wind of this and begs him not to leave because of her. The sheer drama of it all. Elsewhere, Eoghan is delighted to see there's tension between Katy and Callum but little does he realise that it's not Callum young Katy is growing smitten with. Meanwhile, Jane is annoyed to see that Pete has put up an ad for help at the hardware shop and tells her they are looking for a male salesman. Jane is having none of this though and accuses him of being sexist, fair play to you Jane, although we still haven't forgiven you for that whole lying about cancer thing. Also tonight, Christy is preparing to head off on his trip, but it looks like things may not go to plan... at all. Oh dear.