Christy is not in good shape following his collapse yesterday and is irritated to learn he can't fly to New Zealand for his daughter's wedding like he had planned. He even tries to make a break for it the poor fella. He's caught by the hospital staff though, think it will be a while before Christy is flying anywhere. Elsewhere, Paul offers Michael more money to stay, to which he agrees upon deciding it would cause more suspicion if he left. Yeah. Right. Sure Paul hasn't a breeze what's going on. In other O'Brien family news, Katy's crush on Laura becomes more and more obvious and Damien starts to pick up on it, telling Laura she has a new admirer. Also tonight, Louise attempts to repair her relationship with Decco, but it's too little too late for the Bishop lad as he tells her he won't play second fiddle to anyone. Fair play Decco, didn't see that coming! Oh and the hardware store officially opens today, it's becoming the right little business hub that Carrigstown.