Niamh has made her decision to leave Paul for Michael, so it's pretty much like the calm before the storm in the Brennan house tonight. She almost gets stung too when Paul answers the phone to a potential landlord Niamh went to about renting a place for herself and her toyboy. Looks like they might be moving into Yvonne's flat though - yep, in Carrigstown - how they imagine that's going to work, we do not know. Rubbing Paul's nose in it just a bit like. Elsewhere, Christy decides to go looking for Sean but then falls on the street when he sees him, which Farrah blames Sean for, isolating him even further. While Max is starting to realise just how much they have taken on with Christy. Why do we get this horrible feeling Max is going to try kill Christy or something mad like that? Of course Sean will realise and then save Christy... sure you could nearly write it yourself at this stage.