Nina is like a dog with a bone trying to get Charlotte to tell her story and when she can't take anymore, Charlotte threatens her and as good as admits to killing Paddy. However, Sash warns Nina that if she keeps hassling Charlotte, she will go to the police and tell them the truth about the hit and run. Not long afterwards, Sash is taken aback when Nina reveals that she is still in love with her and will give up the story to be with her. Ah here Nina, make up your mind. Meanwhile, Heather continues her bid for the title of worst mum of the year as she reminds Ellie to keep her secret when she heads out for the day with Farrah. Elsewhere, Cathal asks Debbie to deliver some documents for him, however, unbeknownst to Cathal, Tommy is watching. He's become a right old super spy with that laptop of his, hasn't he? Mad for the stalking.