Well that's a well deserved slap if ever there was one. Heather finally pushes Heather too far after last night's explosive revelations in McCoys. Ama confronts Heather telling her she knows she revealed the affair to cover her own tracks, but Heather then goads her by saying Shane was laughing at her behind her back - resulting in this slap across the face we've all been dying to do for a long time.

Heather's behaviour continues to escalate however and Shane is concerned that she may need professional help. At last! Somebody realises it.

Speaking about tomorrow night’s episode Donna Anita Nikolaisen, who plays Ama said;

"For weeks now Ama has felt insecure about Shane's interest in their relationship and she has had obvious suspicions of Heather's motivations. This all comes to a head this week when she finds out that Heather has indeed been poisoning Ellie and when confronted, as a way of redirecting blame, Heather spills the beans on her affair with Shane. This revelation awakens a rage in Ama so great that brings the two characters to a powerful showdown. Ama has been hurt in the past but Shane's betrayal goes even deeper. Even though she had her suspicions she wanted to believe in their love for each other. This ultimate betrayal leaves her feeling exposed, vulnerable and at a crisis point. Can their relationship survive this?"