Fade Street is a brand new  (not exactly in every sense of the word) reality drama following a group of Irish twenty-somethings as they make their way in the Ireland of 2010. Inspired by shows(/dirge) like MTV's The Real World, The Hills, Peak Season and The City, the show is based around real people and real situations - that are contrived and invariably scripted. The show tracks a varied group of young woman and men from all over the country living in Dublin, as they navigate life in the city and the challenges that career, the economy, love, friends and family throw at them.  Their names? Louise, Dani, CiCi, and - wait for it - Vogue. Remember to switch channels fairly lively afterwards, otherwise you'll be faced with Lucy Kennedy patronising Crystal Swing at 9.30pm, and then - assuming you're paralysed with glee - you'll be stuck watching Jennifer Maguire's dating show (of course she's been given her own show) at 10.00pm.