From Beckham to Bond, there's never been more finely honed and perfectly groomed male flesh on public display. The beauty industry, first fuelled by selling products and insecurities to women, has now turned its attention to the men's market; and it is booming. The brand new four-part series Extreme Male Beauty follows one man each week as he is re-branded and transformed from slovenly slob to perfect Adonis. Every part of his physique is scrutinised and sculpted in an attempt to create the perfect body. Journalist Tim Shaw will also drop his 'five-pints-a-night' and 'zero exercise' lifestyle for a gruelling diet and exercise regime in an attempt to transform himself. The 35-year-old journalist, husband and father of two, is 6 foot 5 and weighs 14 stone 7 pounds, and describes himself as a 'skinny fat bloke' with a beer belly, hairy back, man boobs and 'an obsession with the size of my knob'. First Tim focuses on his chest as he tries to turn his man boobs into the sort of pecs you see on the poster boys. Along the way, he meets men who take their desire to get bigger and buffer to frightening extremes: including steroid abuse and surgery. Then there's the, eh, private grooming regime.