Having already spent two weeks attempting to increase the size of his pecs, in tonight's show Tim Shaw tries to get a bigger penis. Penis enlargement operations are on the increase, and Tim sits in on the very latest procedure in which a man has an artificial filler, previously used for boob jobs, injected into the shaft of his penis. And, from pumps to stretchers, Tim tries out a variety of gadgets that claim they will increase the size of his manhood. He also finds out what women think of various sizes and shapes of penis as he drops his pants alongside four other men in a revealing line-up. He joins the locker room guys to see if it's true that all men wish they had a bigger willy. Tonight's show isn't all about the mighty wang; we'll also meet one man hoping to change his body. Edward Evans used to be obese and has never had a girlfriend *whispers* heee's 33. After losing 17 stone, he needs radical surgery to take away his sagging skin and give him the confidence to find romance. Oh, and more contenders battle it out to become the new cover star for Men's Health magazine.