Tim Shaw has reached the final stages of his attempt to transform from superslob to Superman. And he's now spending two weeks perfecting his pores and preening his peepers as he works on his face. Tim tries out anything that will help tone it up, including the ancient and revolting art of drinking your own pee! He puts the finishing touches to his new look with a spray tan, and back, sack and crack wax before revealing his new "Beckham-inspired" look to his shocked wife Hayley. He also sits in on the latest hair transplant procedure, observing a man literally having individual hair follicles plucked - skin and all - from the back of his head and transplanted into the front. Tim's friends in the locker room reveal what they would change about their face, and discuss how important a good-looking face is to the average man. And 40-year-old biker Jay Wheddon, who lost his looks after taking steroids to cure an illness, is going under the knife to get them back.