When Esther Rantzen set up Childline in 1986 in response to growing concerns about the abuse of children, it was greeted by some with great scepticism. In many areas of society at that time there was a denial about the existence of paedophilia and a fear about child protection issues. But more than 20 years on, things have changed and Esther believes that Britain is now facing another quite different dilemma. Headlines of grannies being reprimanded for taking pictures of empty-paddling pools and fathers not being able to record their own children's sporting achievements - all in the name of protecting children from potential paedophiles - has left some people wondering if the pendulum has swung too far in the other direction. In this programme, Esther interviews a number of families who believe that they have been unnecessarily at the sharp end of political correctness and health and safety gone mad. And she also speaks to the regulators to find out whether new rules are keeping our children safer than in the past.