Tellingly entitled 'The Beginning of The End', tonight's episode means we're one show closer to seeing Dr. Ross again!!! (that's George Clooney to those of you who haven't been following ER for the last fifteen seasons). For now, we'll have to make do with Dr Carter, who makes a surprise return to enquire about work. If you can't wait for the Clooney action, you should probably tune in to More 4 from 9pm on Thursday. But back to tonight's installment: Neela performs a traumatic heart transplant; Cate's determination to have a baby leads her to devise a plan involving egg donation, but Russell is reluctant to support the idea. Gates treats an eccentric patient who may have been poisoned by wild mushrooms, while Morris deals with a suspicious case of a teenager injured in a brawl. If you're interested in watching Gay Byrne probing Maeve Binchy, stay tuned to RTE1 for The Meaning of Life with Gay Byrne at 10.20pm.