Debbie confronts Jo tonight, saying that she hopes their new "child" wont butt out their affection for her biological offspring Sarah. Calling her bluff, she tells Debbie to take her daughter back if it means so much to her. After vocalising these events to Eli, he "finds" an engagement ring in the back of the cab and hatches a plan to propose to Debbie - who must really feel like she's shagging a wet rodent at this point. Elsewhere, Jo's consumed by guilt when Andy tells Sarah she's going to have a baby brother or sister. Ah just "fall" down the stairs already. Meanwhile, Val is furious when it transpires that Nicola has doodled Rollercoaster Rod rewrites on her Woolpack menus. She begs Rodney to take back his daughter but he refuses. Too right, the pointy faced swamp donkey.