Last week the papers were full of complaints from Emmerdale extras who had reportedly been axed from the soap as they wanted to "make it more realistically like a village". So these folk could no longer get paid for standing around and drinking apple juice in the back of scenes. But if they wanted to make it more realistic, would Jamie really be with the hot MILFy looking Louise? Anyway, tonight Andy lies to Daz when Victoria finally comes around and realises that Andy was smacking Jo about. She refuses to go see him in hospital, but after Daz expresses his doubts to Andy, he lies his balls off and says he didn't do nuffing to nobody. Daz, not being the brightest star in the galaxy, believes his fist swing brother. Elsewhere, Pearl can't help voice her suspicions that she gave the ticket to Peter. Lily insists she didn't and Pearl pretends to believe her. Why are all the old people in this soap so damn wily and backstabbing?