After Andy kicks her out for the insulin pen incident involving Sarah, Kerry gets so drunk she falls into a coma. Seriously, she's sent to hospital and everything. Hey, at least Val and Pollard get back together because of it all. Which is a bit sick if you dwell on it. Nikhil's fuming when resident harpie Charity plays a prank with Henry the virtual baby. Backed into a corner, and Jai agrees to find new arrangements for Rachel and her rapidly increasing baby bump despite her being about 2 months gone. I was 9 weeks gone when herself and Jai got it on in the factory, and her bump is bigger than mine. Debbie, meanwhile, has been pregnant for approximately 18 months... Elsewhere, David realises he has to choose between Priya and Jacob. Can you not choose Priya so she can leave the village? She's creepy. Anyone who tries too hard to be sexy, to the point of slithering instead of walking, gives me the creeps.