It's touch and go as to whether or not James and Moira will secure their business deal after James revelations to her. Moira confides in Cain about what's happened, and while Cain is fuming, he tells her to go to the meeting if that's what she wants. Doesn't sound too much like Cain, but we will give him the benefit of the doubt. Later on though, Moira goes and proposes to a shocked Cain, who questions her motives for doing it. That's just the dream, romantic reaction isn't it? Meanwhile, Debbie goes back to the cafe looking for her camera, little does she know that it's been the latest victim in Brenda's thieving. Harriet encourages Bob to get his own camera installed in the cafe to catch the thief... but Brenda will probably just find a way of stealing that too. Nailing things to the floor, now that could work.