Emm... what's this then? That's NOT Val, Eric! Looks like it's all going on in tonight's Emmerdale. Val is devastated to hear that Eric is going ahead with divorce proceedings, even though it was her that pushed him away due to her secret. Eric is not in a good way either over the whole thing, and Diane suggests a drink to cheer him up, and well, as you can see - they both look pretty cheered up. Diane then leads him upstairs, which now means she too will have to get tested for HIV when Val's secret is finally outed. Elsewhere, Rodney encourages Bernice to take things slowly with Anton, but she's not having any of it. So basically, everybody is sleeping with everybody on tonight's Emmers! Well accept for Bob, who is preoccupied with his hidden camera - which thankfully has nothing to do with any of the above.