Gemma is nowhere to be found, and panic sets in amongst the village. Dom quickly realises that she didn't stay in the Dingles like she said she would, and a worried Belle tells him he hasn't seen her since their row. Night sets in, and Gemma's phone is discovered near the pavilion - this is not looking good at all at all, Besides the search for Gemma though, Chaz decides to use that nose of her to find out more about James, but is frustrated when she gets nowt from Moira. Elsewhere, Jai remains set on finding Archie but he promises Rishi and Georgia that he won't let his search cost the business again. Later, when Megan tells him how hard it was to forget about Robbie when she gave him away, Jai realises he may have to forget about Archie too. Don't do it Jai!