Looks like Andy's bad arm is bringing out the player in him, as he's all over Katie tonight, and him not with Bernice five minutes! Although this pair have always had a spark, remember when she came between him and his bro all those years ago? It all happens after Andy passes out in pain and a trip to the hospital reveals he has an infection. Katie is by his side the whole time and as they get home he gives her a hug to thank her, and well, as you can see above, it turns into a little more than a hug. Lucky Bernice isn't around to see it, oh no wait, never mind, Bernice is there, she sees it. Never a dull moment 'ey? Elsewhere, Jai is not happy with Priya's choice of suitors while Donna pretty much kidnaps Ross to tell him how she feels... as mad as each other that pair.