Jai is dead against Priya seeing this Rakesh fella but she ignores his warnings and goes on a date with him anyways. David also gets on the bandwagon and is suspicious of him too. No smoke without fire in this place though so he's probably an axe-murderer or something. Priya also confides in him about her eating disorder, but how will he react to that? Elsewhere, Ross tells Adam he wants him to be a getaway driver for him later in the day, but just as Adam is getting his head around what he wants him to do, Ross runs out of a shop Thelma-and-Louise style to a gobsmacked Adam telling him to drive. They speed away but Adam is later humiliated to discover what their job was. Also tonight, Diane tells Kerry that Daz has booked their wedding, which of course Dan is not impressed by. Never was there a more miserable sod, bring back that French biker dude we say!