Charity is like the cat that got the cream tonight when she sees Robbie get out of a police car. He tells Megan he was arrested for breaking into the abortion clinic, oh dear, they do need evidence but a tad extreme there Robbie, no? It's not enough to deter Megan though and the pair will stop at nothing to convince Declan. It's starting to look like it's working too... is it too late for Charity to throw him off the scent? We would say yes, but if ever there was a woman who could pull a few tricks from her sleeve, it's this lady. Elsewhere, Zak thinks he may have been too hard on Tracy and invites her over to watch a film on his new telly. Flash forward to later on when Tracy then falls over and breaks the telly when Zak has nipped out. Damn it Tracy! Although she does have the mula now to buy them a new one, will she step up though?